Close the gaps with Pandora Cognitive Cybersecurity

The number of cybersecurity threats is growing exponentially. Internet of Things creates new challenges to existing cybersecurity protection. These challenges are not yet covered by cybersecurity tools and systems in use today.

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We created Pandora Cybersecurity to bridge that gap and introduce next generation threat detection systems. Cognitive through the use of AI and ML. Signature-less. Specific to your industry and your company’s cybersecurity landscape.


Our next generation anomaly detection system is designed for monitoring mobile traffic. Pandora Cybersecurity Engine (PCE) works with mobile devices like handsets, routers, IoT, OT – anything that uses mobile infrastructure. PCE can also be used as a secure point in network infrastructure with unique features that makes it more that firewall or IDS/IPS probe.

PCE has built in Camille - AI and ML Module to assure immediate detection of suspicious data traffic based on behavioral analysis. Due to advanced and unique machine learning algorithms Camille can easily detect zero-day attacks without relying on signatures from threat intelligence sources.

With the use of PCE cybersecurity experts and forensics receive a powerful tool to identify and react to any hackers attempt. And finally unlike in existing DNS-based detection systems there is always an answer to what was the reason behind cybersecurity response.

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  • Signature-less technology
  • End-to-end anomaly analysis for both inbound and outbound traffic
  • Connectivity agnostictelecommunication operator independent, 5G ready
  • Endpoint independency focus on behavior and data patterns for any device in mobile network
  • Cognitive and industry focusedable to learn and adapt to specific customer cybersecurity landscape
  • Hyperscalableprocesses up to 20 billion sessions daily, designed in container approach
  • Bi-modular and simultaneous data processingreal-time and batch workloads
  • Cloud native with Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Private cloud readydedicated hosted solution in customer private cloud

Pandora Autonomous Data Traffic Analyzer

Pandora Autonomous Data Traffic Analyzer is a standalone system designed for monitoring mobile traffic to detect malicious sessions, data leakage or just malfunction of end devices and services.

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Pandora Advanced IoT Protector

Pandora IoT Protector is out-of-the-box solution designed for monitoring of IoT devices. It comes with fully-fletched reporting tools and dashboards and threat response mechanism (blocking suspicious traffic).

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Pandora Anomaly Intelligence Cockpits

Pandora Anomaly Intelligence Cockpits are designed to provide cybersecurity engineers with fully flexible GUI that allows to select only most interesting views on device status, threat and response, network statistics and other categories.

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Pandora Camille (AI and ML Module)

We developed next generation cognitive approach to cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Module was built into the system overall architecture to learn customer specific cybersecurity landscape.

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Pilot roll-outs

We believe that our revolutionary approach to cybersecurity speaks for itself. This is why we offer free pilot roll-outs for customers who are interested to protect their core assets with the use of Pandora Cognitive Cybersecurity portfolio.

Cybersecurity scanning and investigation

Pandora Cognitive Cybersecurity allows cybersecurity analysis based on customer data repositories (batch model). Cybersecurity scanning is finalized with dedicated report. We can be hired as well to provide in-depth understanding of security incident including full-scale investigation into model of attack and identification of perpetrators.

AI and ML Cybersecurity Consulting

Pandora Cognitive Cybersecurity is one of global pioneers in signature-less technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is why we offer a wide range of consulting services for companies willing to take their steps into AI/ML cybersecurity field.

Hosted and SaaS implementation

Pandora Cognitive Cybersecurity solutions can be implemented in customer hosting environment (private cloud) or in SaaS model based on Microsoft Azure Platform.