Pandora Anomaly Intelligence Cockpits

Pandora Anomaly Intelligence Cockpits are designed to provide cybersecurity engineers with fully flexible GUI that allows to select only most interesting views on device status, threat and response, network statistics and other categories.

Highly customizable

Pandora Anomaly Intelligence Cockpits can work with any customer specific analytical tools and platforms. They offer a wide range of possible customizations depending on customer requirements.

Tools available for you

  • Choose only interesting devices

  • Browse our database of threats and block suspicious traffic

  • Log Stream Analysis

  • Multiple metrics available

Click to see Pandora key features
  • Signature-less technology
  • End-to-end anomaly analysis for both inbound and outbound traffic
  • Connectivity agnostictelecommunication operator independent, 5G ready
  • Endpoint independency focus on behavior and data patterns for any device in mobile network
  • Cognitive and industry focusedable to learn and adapt to specific customer cybersecurity landscape
  • Hyperscalableprocesses up to 20 billion sessions daily, designed in container approach
  • Bi-modular and simultaneous data processingreal-time and batch workloads
  • Cloud native with Microsoft Azure Platform
  • Private cloud readydedicated hosted solution in customer private cloud

Demo screens

Pandora Demo Screen